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woooo! Did we have a time last night?!

Sup Linsaniacs!  How y'all doing?

My sister had the baby!  He's a doll and his name is Forrest... im in the process of teaching him how to crawl but he spent most of his lesson judging me and expressing that he'd rather be watching Gracie's Corner (babies, am-I-right). 

Any howzers, I had an amazing summer!  I traveling to Houston, not the street but the city... Beyonce's City.  I also went to Colorado for the first time as well as Europe! That's right, this ass is  international.  I hoped around Madrid before my actual vacation in Croatia where I lived my best Mediterranean life and got some stage time!  Head over to the socials for those pics and vids cause ya girl is tirreddd. 

And y'all.... why I get passed at NEW York Comedy CLUB!!!!!!!! I've been going there for years and the hard work is finally paying off!  

If you'd like to see  a show please go ahead and follow @V_Linsanity on IG and Tik Tok and Twitter and this website so you don't miss upcoming shows and festivals!

Comedy in Split, Croatia
Friends In Croatia
New York Comedy Club Showcase
Baddies in Houston
Funny Gals in Vail, Colorado
BWIC Laff Fest
BWIC Laff Fest
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